About Us

Kala Kaarkhana is an independent production house. The term “Kala Kaarkhana” the name itself is defining the real descriptions of the company’s strength and ingredients. The company provides the services of making films, commercial ads, public awareness ads, documentations, biopic, short films, corporate, events, individuals, etc in all regional languages. The firm is efficiently equipped and experiences in providing services across the country. The company not only believes in exploring and discovering the gems but combining and collaborating with the great and emerging hands of talents too. We have a strong strategy. On the one hand, if we expect the most preferred production services to work with us, then, on the other hand, we must not forget the significance of internal satisfaction. When our practicality in work gets merged with your touch of emotions then we bring out the best for you. Our creativity are the pioneer reasons for our team’s internal unity and this is externally spilled with only one aim and that is to reach the vision of client’s happy face Hence, therefore your expected beliefs for supreme, is your purity and your purity is our faith to perform differently with an art. We are passionate to create the moments for you and give you all the facilities under one roof. Stay tuned for more!